Most Recent Projects


With Petbnb, you can find the closest available pet sitters in your area or host any pet that you would like for a weekend. Created a full prototype of the app using Figma.


EcoKidz is an interactive educational app that teaches the youth about the importance of waste managment and encourages them to take action. Created a full prototype of the app using Figma.


Rosarte is an inventory management system created for the Delhi-based company of the same name. Developed the app using XCode and Firebase.

Hack The Mist

Hack the Mist is a website for UofT Machine Intelligence Team's Hackathon. Designed the prototype of the website using Figma.

Today I Learned

Today I Learned is a social platform where you can submit interesting facts that you just found out and interact with what others have learned.

Personal Website

My personal website is where I document all my projects and work. Developed it using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.